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Why Hot Women Date Bad Men - MGTOW

Published on 02/12/22 / In Red Pill

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Surviving 4th Wave Feminism

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Hi Everyone Sandman Here,

This video is brought to you by a donation from Fat Cat and here's what she has to say: "Hi Sandman you are younger then my brother. He is the reason why I get your TV and movie references. While you’re young at heart, he is immature. If he started acting half your age, it would be an improvement. He is such pain to deal with. The reason I bring him up is something that I always find fascinating; The women that date him. I get the initial attraction. He looks good, is social, funny and smart. It makes the problems he causes even more infuriating. If you like reckless and bad boy stuff, he is more than happy to provide. My family is well of, so that helps. The women that he gets are so cookie cutter. They look great, but well at least now they seem to be bit smarter. Maybe it’s because they don’t try to talk to me about fashion and make-up anymore. I asked one if she if that’s all she talked about, because I couldn’t see how my brother would find it remotely interesting. She said that it was girl talk and I asked her if she thought girl talk was appropriate for an 8 year old boy trapped in a man's body. My eldest sister burst out laughing at that. I never bothered getting attached to these girls. I was talking to my mom about one of them and referred to her as the flavor of the month. My mom initially got mad at me until I said that by the time I remember one of their names, he brings home a new one. What was even the point of remembering them? Anyway, the one I do remember and she is the one he has kids with. I don’t know what she was thinking. She is a single mom as far as I know and doing a horrible job at it. Who drinks shots with their 14 year old? The last girl I met was even younger then myself, but she’s gone now. We will see who the next one will be. Now I think women can’t pick a man to save their lives. I would advocate for arranged marriage if it didn’t mean my brother would have say with who I would marry. I don’t need his poor choices to affect me more than they already do. My sister is with someone she likes to argue with over every little thing. It’s exhausting to watch. My third sister found a guy that apparently finds her controlling to be ok. Better him then me. I also have spinster sisters. The only thing bigger then them would be there ego. They still have yet to meet any guy even though they are at least half a decade older than me. When ever my grandma would start talking to me about me having kids I would tell grandma that it would be proper to wait for the older girls to have theirs first. At one point she told me if I waited for that I’ll never have kids. My sisters were mad when they heard me say that. Maybe I should introduce them to some cats instead. As for my sister in-law she hasn’t had a stable relationship as long as I’ve know her. If this guy she's with now lasts for 5 years I will truly be amazed. I can’t deal with her chaotic planning and the stress it brings. Thank god she and my hubby aren’t close. Last time she tried to drag us into something; he jelled at her one the phone and hung up. Well my friends aren’t better. There rest I will some up: Single mom, single mom, single mom all the way. I was having fun, now I’m dumped and crying all the way. I’m so woke, I’m so woke, Now i‘m alone and broke... Sorry, it’s close to the holiday’s now so I thought everyone would enjoy that.

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