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Why Is She Crying? Because No One Wants To Marry Her - MGTOW

Published on 03/22/22 / In Red Pill

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"Why Won't Men Get MARRIED Anymore?!" Entitled Woman Absolutely Loses It Because Men Are Saying No

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Hi Everyone Sandman Here,

This video is brought to you by a more than generous donation from Ivan. This is the second video I'm dedicating for him. I found a funny video which I've put in the description by Tyler the Fiend a very MGTOW friendly channel that I discovered relatively recently. In it he plays a video of a young woman discussing why dating and marriage sucks these days. She's upset because there's another woman out there that bought her own engagement ring and all the men are calling her a queen for doing that. She's livid about it and I know why. She's worried that this new trend will catch on and she's going to have to do the same to catch a man in the future. She's still too young to understand that men are not like women trying to blend in with one another. Our reproductive and social strategies rely on trying to stick out from the rest of the male herd. The rejection of that woman being forced to buy her own ring is being felt by this other woman and she's taking it personally because the other woman is almost physical extension of her. As for Taylor the Fiend he's yet another new manosphere channel that started off strong and in under six months he was getting seven and a half, almost eight million views a month and then suddenly started to decline and is now holding his own around three million and I suspect that over the next year or two those numbers will start to fade into oblivion too. You don't see other male content creators complaining about feeling hurt about his censorship now do you? But Taylor is right men are no longer interested in marriage and that maybe it's because of bad women and the bad marriage situation that we face? He says that a woman doesn't simply deserve marriage and commitment by default implying that she has to earn it somehow. The woman buying her own ring is earning the right to gain the commitment from a man and that she's signalling that it's an exchange instead of a one way street of resources and attention from the male to the female. Maybe it's time for women to get on their knees and and say please marry me? But even that's a bad idea because it's like the woman is begging the man to be his slave. Instead of getting a male slave for free she's paying for her own ring so that he will marry her. It's her money and she's spending it on herself to get her very own slave. People used to complain about the horrors of slavery all the time. But male slavery to women because of love and reproduction is socially acceptable slavery and women are complaining even when they break even for their slave. God forbid women had to pay for their own weddings next after that? I've already covered a story about a woman trying to trick her husband into paying her student loans off and he's threatening to divorce her if she takes the money from their joint bank account and pays the loan off. I'll discuss more in a moment but let me first tell everyone about today's sponsor Hex:

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