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Why MGTOW May Fail To Fully Launch With Gen Z

Published on 02/28/22 / In Red Pill

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The Men's Guide to High-Conflict Divorce

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Hi Everyone Sandman Here,

This video is brought to you by a donation from James and here's what he has to say: "Hi Sandman, even though it sounds like we as an audience have forgotten who has helped lead us to freedom of thought and freedom from thots and reinforced our major decision to go our own way without knowledge of MGTOW & the red pill, blue, crimson, purple, black.. we haven't. Thank you again for your selfless words of wisdom. I hope things are moving forward still besides the lack of monetary appreciation out here on YouTube. Well James thanks for the donation and support. I'll use it to cover a post I ran into recently about MGTOW failing with Gen Z. It's a bit lengthy so before I read it let me first tell everyone about today's sponsor T Fitz: Anyways, here's what someone name The Sisko says and I quote: "I want to focus here specifically on maladjustment, and how prevalent it has become with Gen Z teenagers and young adults. Most of us here are a little older than them, and therefore had time to experience the world of dating prior to the ramped up hypergamy, oversexualisation of social media that we see today. This is evidenced with how nihilism/black pill philosophy is more popular with Gen Z kids as compared to PUA/Red Pill was with Millennials and older. I myself am a late millennial, but I still managed to have had decent experiences with women without knowing any of the “game” while I was doing it, and not being the most physically attractive dude + below average height. For us, MGTOW comes as a logical conclusion to the bs we’ve been through, particularly the veterans that have been through divorce/child support (which I salute). We experienced it consistently throughout our life, been in different types of relationships, got screwed over, and decided to call it a day. A logical pathway. However, from my discussions from Gen Z men in person, as well as studying how MGTOW is presented today on platforms such as Tiktok/rage bait Youtube videos, I don’t believe as many men are having these formative experiences at a young enough age where they are able to come to the same logical conclusions. As we’ve been repeating ad nauseum, young men are sexless for longer (30% between the ages of 18-29 in the USA right now. People have expressed to me, in their mid-20s, that they’ve never experienced a relationship their entire life, and as a result are craving the intimacy that comes with it (and acting a fool in the process). I also suspect, though I have no proof of this, that the average age of when men lose their virginity is on the rise. I believe experiencing this, losing it and the heartbreak/anger that follows, is foundational if you truly want to be at peace with a mindset such as MGTOW, and change the way a man perceives women. As I mentioned earlier, MGTOW today is portrayed on social media as a lot of young men (rightfully) dunking on women, pushing back against the simp agenda, not wifing up single mothers. That’s all well and good, however this constant anger and “Ha Ha Suck Shit” attitude doesn’t necessarily guide a man towards actually realizing his goals and driving himself in the direction of total freedom.

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