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Why Women Pick The Worst Men - MGTOW

Published on 01/14/22 / In Red Pill

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Hi Everyone Sandman here,

This video is brought to you by a donation from Raphael and here's what he has to say: "Hello Sandman, There is something known as the grandfather paradox, where if you were to travel back in time, you could kill your parents before you were born. Do you think a similar paradox might exist for women? Not to make this about religion but it seems Adam and Eve proved that matter what, women are never completely happy or satisfied, even if you give them paradise with everything included. So imagine if we lived in a perfect world where money is eliminated, work is completely voluntary, and talents, intellect, and creativity are the main drives that pays instead. It still seems that women in that perfect society will pick guys who has the most talent, skills and etc. The point that I am making is that maybe this is the harsh unbearable truth and has to be accepted. In nature female animals seem to bare the same resemblance. They only like the alpha males but love their children to death and not actually him. Scientists say it is to bare the best genetics but that isn't entirely true because many are still born with birth defects. Maybe its to pass on big evil. BTW, animals are firece. Iol, I'm just joking but if women actually did it right, they would pick guys not based on a who is a better model, or evil alpha but rather based on their picks the same way men do: 1. Personalities and depth 2. Passiveness (Humbleness) 3. Talented, Intelligence, And Heart 4. Societal Engagement (Fun, slightly comedic) 5. They can take the lead too but not to compete, much rather to teach and enlighten This is the men's model, but if women selected guys based on this model, the paradox can be broken or be treated as a loop hole. You can still travel faster than light by other means in theory too. What do you think?" Well Raphael thanks for the donation and topic. The Grandfather Paradox is BS. Even if you could go back in time and kill your parents before they were born quantum physics says there are multiple realities that exist at the same time. The first time I saw what appeared to be the multiverse was in the film back to the future part 2 where Biff gets his hands on the greys sports almanac and Marty and Doc go back to the future but their own experiences and memories are intact. I've also had precognitive dreams that allowed me to change the future and now I'm probably in another universe. Marty also wouldn't have just disappeared if his parents never met. He would have returned to the future to find that Biff had married his mother because he was the alpha male. Marty would still exist but his mother and father just never would have had him. But in reality we just won't know until we invent time travel and mess with the past. In an alternative reality I never would have sold my half a million bat tokens. If I had kept them I would have had a million bucks right now. Instead I swapped them out for Bitcoin and to pay my tax and as a result I didn't ten x my money. Who would have predicted that from a company that's growing at about fifty percent a year with regards to it's user base? I also hold a bunch of library tokens and won't be selling them which means based on my luck they will end up be worthless. Anyways, I'll discuss more about the paradox of pussy and women choosing the wrong men in just a moment. But let me first tell everyone about today's sponsor Cash Discount Pro:

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