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Why Work & Pay Tax To Support Chads Children? - MGTOW

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Published on 12 Jan 2022 / In Red Pill

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Should I "get a job" even if I have the option not to?

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Hi Everyone Sandman Here,

This video is brought to you by a donation from John. He didn't give me a topic. So what I thought I'd do is cover a story I found on the Going Your Own Way Dot Com Forum called: "Should I "get a job" even if I have the option not to?" by someone name RenaiZance and here's what he has to say and I quote: "So I've been thinking about this for a long time. Taking the Red Pill has released me from the chains of Western society. Kids, marriage, loans, etc. Digging yourself into a hole you can't get out of in the name of "the American Dream". I've become self-actualized and figured out that when you need less, you don't need some shitty job that makes you waste gas money plowing through traffic at 7am when you've barely gotten up. What sane person would want to do that for 45 years? Ok so we got that out of the way. But I'm in a unique position in that I have parents who are really well off and I don't really need to get some shitty soul sucking 9-5 job. I don't want kids either. Why work that much and pay taxes? Just to raise money for Chads children? I got denied sex for most of my youth and won't get to have a family of my own and you think I want to pay taxes for Chad's kids to live hunky dorey? HAH. Anyways. I've tried to hold down jobs and they let me go for the stupidest reasons like asking similar questions too many times. That's it. I do my job and am even on time every morning but even that's not enough for those poopy heads. I have some learning issues but I find that people just don't care and they will put money over the human every time. Is there a way besides owning a business to get good money and do you even really need a job in my circumstance?" unquote. Well John thanks for the donation and thanks RenaiZance for posting this topic which a lot of guys have been bringing up with me recently. Especially the ones that have made a small fortune on Crypto, a couple hundred thousand dollars and now believe it's time to take part in the great resignation. Why even bother working when you're getting a 14-15% pay cut every year if inflation continues like it has measured the way it was back in 1980? Remember that loans are a great way to defeat inflation. However the problem is you never know when the banking system is going to pull the financial rug out from under you by raising interest rates. They can't do it now because most western countries would go bankrupt. But I won't put anything past the maniacs at the Federal Reserve. In the USA you guys are lucky because you can lock in interest rates for twenty years. In Canada it's only five years. If I had gotten a mortgage on a house ten to twenty years ago I would have made a killing. Probably 20-30% compounded annual return on my down payment money. Instead I was stupid for 15 years believing that interest rates would eventually rise and the market would crash. I'll discuss more in a moment but let me first tell everyone about today's sponsor The Red Pill Developer:

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