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Will Smith Wins White Knight Cuck Of The Year - MGTOW

Published on 04/01/22 / In Red Pill

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Hi Everyone Sandman Here,

This video is brought to you by a donation from Conray and here's what he briefly has to say: "Hey Sandman, I'm curious on your opinion on the Oscars incident with Will Smith smacking Chris Rock? As a black male, I saw this as a petty move (dare I say simp/white-knight?), especially considering their marriage history. And further more, there should be no reason to physically assault someone (male or female) just because a few words (hurtful?) might have been said. I wonder if Will would have reacted differently if this was someone else like The Rock instead of Chris Rock? Stay up man, keep up the good work." Well Conray thanks for the support. I glad you and many other people want to hear my take on Will Smith's white knighting for his bald baby momma Jada Pinket Smith at the Oscars. I don't think he would have smacked the Duane Johnson or anyone bigger than him. But Chris Rock was smaller so Smith figured he could take him. As for Jada Pinkett She was diagnosed with alopecea which is a hair loss condition a few years ago. Chris Rock at the the 2022 Oscars made a joke that Jada was bald because she was going to be in the GI Jane part 2 film. That's when Will Smith came up on stage and gave him five across the eyes. I know what I would have said after that if I was Chris Rock. I would have said "nice smack, did you practice it at home on your wife?" But of course Chris Rock didn't say that because it would too easy. Instead he's probably thinking to himself it's going to provide years worth of material when he does standup comedy. But if you look at this particular photo with Rock sporting a smile and Will Smith looking like he's about to crack up laughing you might think the whole thing is staged to stir up drama and attention for the Oscars which are bleeding away viewers each year. It's probably not stage but you never know. Afterall they are actors that play pretend for a living. The Oscars peaked out with 57.2 million in 1998 with the release of Titanic. They only received 9.85 million in 2021 and that's with a larger population in the world and abroad. I didn't even know they were on last Sunday and only heard about them in my Twatter feed when Jordan Peterson asked the question does anyone even care about them anymore. The sad truth is that other forms of entertainment that are better these days. The reason the Oscars were popular twenty-five years ago was because we just didn't know any better. There was little to no internet video at that time and it sucked and was 240 or 360 pixels in size. The views are down One sixth from 25 years ago. The ratings for the Will Smith slapping oscars were probably 12-15 million. A bit better than last year but still declining. They should have had Joe Rogan host the Oscars. He's a comedian and I think everyone would tune in to watch that. They would probably 20 to 30 million viewers because many of his regular viewers would tune in to watch. He gets 11 million viewers on average per show which is how many viewers tuned into the Oscars in 2021. But you know that won't happen because he's not woke with fries and coke. As for Will Smith I'll continue roasting him like fresh ground blended coffee in a giffy but let me first tell everyone about today's sponsor Surviving 4th Wave Feminism:

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