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Women Are Stronger Than Men LOL - MGTOW

Published on 11/21/21 / In Red Pill

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The Weaker Sex? Science That Shows Women Are Stronger Than Men

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Hi Everyone Sandman Here,

This video is brought to you by a donation from Lazy Danny and here's what he briefly has to say: "Hello Sandman, Allow me to bring to your attention this wonderful article called: "The Weaker Sex? Science That Shows Women Are Stronger Than Men" The argument is that comes to lifespan, immunity and emotional trauma women are stronger than men. Women appear desperate to be better at men at something. Please share your thoughts Sandman." Well Danny thanks for the donation and topic. Yes women have stronger immune systems that help them survive illness. But don't forget they are the greater hypochondriacs when compared to men. There have also been studies done in monasteries and nunneries that prove that in an environment isolated from the opposite sex monks and nuns live the same length of time. I wonder how many men handicap men's health with constant nagging and now they are bragging about living longer after emotionally tormenting us into an early grave. Women's argument is also that they are better survivors with regards to lifespan. Just because women live longer than men doesn't mean that's a biological thing. It doesn't mean they are more robust. It just means they are better at busting men's minds open and dumping their emotional sludge and stress into us so that they feel better about themselves. This idea that women just naturally live longer is a myth that won't go away like the wage gap. Women shorten men's lives with their subtle emotional abuse and are trying to brand their longevity as a genetic thing instead of as simply abusing men into an early grave. Sure 42 of the 43 people that are over the age of 110 are women but at that age you're barely alive. It's probably a stronger female immune system that prevents them from getting cancer as readily as men do. I'll discuss more about this article in just a moment but let me first tell everyone about today's sponsor The MGTOW Book Collection Part 2: Anyways, now back to the 110 pound women beating up 250 pound men on television and throwing them around like rag dolls clown world show. If it's on television so it must be true. It's just propaganda at this point. I was discussing world politics with a woman one time and told her she wasn't all that well informed. She responded by saying I know what's going on in the world. I watch Entertainment Tonight. Then people started laughing at her and she thought that people were laughing with her and not at her. As for the article what's the point of it. It's projecting the virtues of female biology onto mostly female reader to make themselves feel good about themselves but also as a cover story to
make men not question why women live longer. If men saw the story of the monks that lived as long as the nuns they would begin to question to propaganda that's out there that says that married men live longer than unmarried men. What the stats don't take into consideration is the difference between divorced men and never married men. I'm confident that the lifelong bachelors would have greater longevity. Guys that are five years younger than me and that are married have five times as many grey hairs. Grey hair signals dna damage usually due to stress. Women may have stronger immune systems that help them fight off viruses and cancer but the downside is that a stronger immune system makes them more likely to suffer from autoimmune disease. Arthritis and Multiple Sclerosis for example as the article points out. The article does mention that but many many paragraphs down. Most people don't read much past the headline and the fancy pants graphics and photos at the top. In this case there's a woman carrying a passed out man on her back which implies that women are physically stronger than men which everyone knows isn't true. But articles like this one and TV shows with strong 100 pound women pulling obese 300 pound men out of burning Buick's is the feel good propaganda we have to hear about. Recently I was watching a show called dopesick and there's a tiny woman that works as a coal miner that is strong enough to work alongside men. There are studies out there now showing that wealthier men are outliving poor women. Is that because wealthier men have better genes?

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