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Women Banning MGTOW Ideas

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Published on 15 Jan 2022 / In Red Pill

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The Manipulated Man - Audio book - Esther Vilar (Human narration)

A God Among MGTOW - Esther Vilar

Can't Attack What You Cannot Define (rambling on)

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Hi Everyone Sandman Here,

This video is brought to you by a donation from LHB and here's what he has to say: "Hi Sandman, I have been red pilled for about two years since I broke up with my manipulative and aggressive ex. She tricked me into having a child with her and now I have to fight in court to get to see my son for a year and a half already. I live in the UK. I have consumed a lot of red pill content including yours Sandman but recently it was a book by Ester Vilar called The manipulated man, which has blew my mind and solidified all of my red pill knowledge until that point. I would love to hear your opinion on Ester's book I attach a link to free audio book so you can listen to it when you a free. I believe every man should have read this book. If you have reviewed this book already, please choose a topic of your choice, something in line of Red pill Bible or MGTOW Bible. I appreciate your daily content, keeps me red pill protected. Wishing you well as I also suffer with autoimmune disease, however not as severe as yours. Keep well." Well LHB thanks for the donation and sharing the link to the book. The book was digitally burned and banned from the Amazon store recently. I've already make a video about Esther Villar near the beginning of my YouTube days and I put a link to it in the description. She is an honorary god among mgtow because she dared to be a feminine feminist believing that equality begins with men learning the low down on women the way that women know the low down on men. That men are the oppressed sex and that we are happy in our slavery. I used to promote the book through ads on my channel and it's a breath of fresh air for a woman to say that men are the oppressed sex. The system doesn't exactly want men to learn about our slavery and walk away from the plantation. I'll take your advice LHB and cover another topic or two for the remainder of this video instead of covering The Manipulated Man which I believe I reviewed back at the end of 2014 or early 2015. But before I do let me first tell everyone about today's sponsor Surviving 4th Wave Feminism: Anyways now back to women trying to ban ideas because they hurt their feelings clown world show. A while back someone named Openroader shared a video and message with me. The video is called: "Can't Attack What You Can't Define" as well his his predictions about the future. Here's what Openroader has to say and I quote: "My own prediction... A decade from now... No babies being born... Old Maid apartments funded through government help. A Bachelor tax...but by then, many guys will be retired or in the country, shifting labor to gardening, wood cutting and other untaxable activities. Women will forever blame men. Men...no longer caring and mass exodus to the deep country." unquote. I agree with Open
Roader because I'm seeing a ton of new popular YouTube channels about hunting and wilderness exploration, Building your own log cabin on cheap land and using the wood on your property to heat your cabin as one about a guy that bought a ghost town in Nevada. Guys want to escape into the wilderness and work the land because there are far fewer variables than dealing with a gynocentric soyciety. The housing bubble in Canada is bad unless you're a low income woman and if you are you can put yourself on a list to get brand new subsidized housing in the cities while you hunt for a sexy man with resources to rescue you.

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