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Women Friendzone Me On Dating Sites - MGTOW

Published on 03/30/22 / In Red Pill

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Hi Everyone Sandman Here,

This video is brought to you by a donation from house. He's got quite a bit to say so before I share his story let me first tell everyone about today's sponsor T Fitz: Anyways, now back with the show. Here's what House has to say: "Hi Sandman, I have a peculiar set of circumstances when it comes to dating/hookups with modern women. I'm 31 years old, muscular and 6'1. I'm a Caucasian male and have been naturally grounded on steroids to the max I also have an IQ of: 166. But my genius has never shown up on paper inside of the formal education system. It only shows up when it comes to advanced abstract thought and problem solving, and I understand people really well. The creative part of my brain functions equally well as the spacial part of my brain. So my right and left side of my brain are constantly waging war against each other. Which makes me naturally over analytical, and bogs down my efficiency when doing every type of task. I also intermittently surge with intense energy without any stimulants in my body. Because of this I have a real severe case of insomnia which is comparable to what 'Stardusk' describes in his particular case. In High School, I got misdiagnosed as: "Learning Disabled" from the time that I was in Pre-K to the end of High School. After I graduated from High School in 2010 I decided to go into landscape construction for a career as opposed to going off to a D-1 college. But I got zeroed out immediately as an end result of going into skilled trades. - (Because of Social Currency related reasons.) But I really excel in skilled trades. My job involves a ton of advanced civil engineering and mechanical engineering. But in the 2010's, I had a lot of trouble making new friends, and I had a lot of trouble in the dating world. Especially when it came to online dating on sites like Bumble and Tinder etc As well as meeting women in person. I thought that I was getting rejected because I was perceived to be ugly or something like that. But the deeper that I got into my 20's the more my family, friends, and strangers - (Who had never met me before,) - Kept stating that I'm handsome and they thought that I had won the genetic lottery. - (Even though, I kept getting a negative response from women regardless.) When I was 26 years old, one of my friends recommended that I try my luck on xxx dating website accounts in order to see if the women on those types of dating websites would have a more positive reaction to me when compared to the other more traditional ones that I previously mentioned. I was shocked at the contrast in the women's responses to me on the xxx dating sites. I had 1,000's of women every single week reach out to me begging me to hookup with them. And these women's looks ranged anywhere from a 4/10 - 10/10. And their ages ranged anywhere from 18 years old - 50 Plus years old and everything in between. Now, I know in advance that you and the other MGTOW listeners are going to say things like: "Those Women on those dating profiles are just a bunch of bots." And depending on the hookup site, you would be correct to a varying degree.

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