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Zack Bauer | Date Hotter Girls: Better, Faster & Easier [HD]

Published on 11/07/11 / In Red Pill

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There is no perfect line to say to a beautiful woman. Zach Bauer shows how grabbing a girl’s full attention is the first step in a conversation and that friction in a conversation is just an opportunity to define your game using damage control. This talk explains what to do and how to do it.

In this video, you will learn:

- The core of F.E.R.A.
- How to use statements effectively.
- How to control and take responsibility in an interaction.

About Zack Bauer

Zack Bauer has been a lover of womankind for decades. His shameless shenanigans and fun-loving attitude found a natural home in New York City. After moving to NY after college, Zack turned to pickup and dating advice to acclimate him to the chaotic, fast-paced city nightlife. Zack quickly sifted the positive information from the armchair nerd advice that has no application in the real world.

After meeting his brilliant wingman Rob Judge ( http://bit.ly/vbuSLr ), the New York duo challenged each other to push the outer limits of success with women. Together they pooled their knowledge of what did and did not work. After years of experience and an uncountable number of girls, Zack and Rob created the 4-EG system for meeting, attracting, dating, and keeping women of beauty and quality.

As Zack and Rob's reputation spread through New York, they began accepting students for weekend programs that helped men realize their potential to date the women they've always wanted. Some of Rob and Zack's students achieved overnight transformations, going from men who were virgins to men who are envied by others—sometimes within a few weeks after program! Students of Zack and Rob's 4-EG system achieved such fast, undeniable success because the system balances 4 natural behaviors rather than forcing men to learn and practice a bunch of new behaviors.

Zack Bauer has taught weekend programs in cities all over the world and has spoken at a number of world renowned conferences.

Visit Zack at http://bit.ly/vbuSLr


Download the full audio speech at http://store.payloadz.com/go?id=968399

Download the full HD video at http://store.payloadz.com/go?id=968400

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