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Triggered Zoomer upon hearing FEEEEMALE
Triggered Zoomer upon hearing FEEEEMALE csehszlovakze 31 Views • 7 months ago

Originally uploaded to BitChute a year ago but it doesn't play there anymore. <br> <br>credit goes to @Taylor_The_Fiend

The Apotheosis Of Woman – CLASSIC by GftMoM
The Apotheosis Of Woman – CLASSIC by GftMoM csehszlovakze 28 Views • 10 months ago

source: <br> <br>Man's elevation of woman above himself, his pangs for her approval, the foundation of his identity built upon her approval is shaken in each instant he witnesses female wickedness- he succumbs to bad conscience. <br> <br>To resolve this bad conscience he must apotheosize woman - he must erase all stains from his conception of woman. Man gazes inwardly and proclaims women are good!; and only good can come from good, therefore women can only bring about the good. If women can only bring about the good, then anything bad perceived to come from woman comes not of her will. As bad actions are willed, and they cannot come from the will of women, and there is only the will of woman and the will of man, then that which is bad must ultimately come from the will of man. <br> <br>Therefore, there are no exemplars of wickedness in women, only exemplars of justified responses to man's wickedness. In such a feat of reason, the enslaved identity erases all faults, where fault seeks a source, from the part of women. With such a trick he is able to purge himself of his bad conscience. If a woman does good, it is a confirmation of her goodness; if she does bad, a man lurks behind those actions. The extent to which a man believes this reasoning does woman approach the divine - the strength of his chains too rests on this one point. <br> <br>In sanctifying women's will, the burden of all guilt, the origins of all that is bad, is shouldered by man. In the case where a woman commits an act of wickedness and it seems impossible to assign guilt to man; madness is invoked - yet here again the will for bad is not her own. Woman's will, sanctified, can do no wrong - what better foundation than this upon which to build morality! You believe I jest? <br> <br>In what case, when God's will was found in contradiction with woman's will has woman's will given way? Contraception? Divorce? Chastity? Fidelity? Modesty? Obedience? - but this is all child’s play! <br> <br>Bestowal of the rank of human being is at woman's discretion - in the womb, a child is branded human only when SHE wills it! With the power to acknowledge or deny human status so too one becomes the arbiter of murder. It is said that men legislate laws; legislate the will of the majority. The majority then, weighing God's will against woman's will demanded woman's will be done. <br> <br>Only a god can compete with another god - the apotheosis of woman was necessary for woman's will's victory over Judeo-Christian morality, over God's will. The pussybegger, the sad bottom feeder that he may be, is not merely a danger to himself but a danger to the rest of us. In attempting to give women anything and everything to win validation, he ultimately gives woman the power over good and evil. He elevates her to the arbiter of morality itself, and with such a move, condemns all men to the whims and moods of what is inherently an irrational creature. <br> <br>This is what we mean when we say men worship the pussy! This is what we mean by pedestalization! It is not the banal deference of chivalry - no! - it is the delegation of arbitration of the scales of good and evil, right and wrong, life and death, justice and injustice! For every value that can be put on any such scale, any scale that ultimately is a moral scale, the pussybegger, the timely man, today’s average man has let woman set the weight. <br> <br>Violence against women; what is this? It is no longer three separate words! It is no longer violence - it is a new violence altogether; a new type of sin. The very phrase itself must be read as if it is one concept, one concept completely separate from violence itself. A man throwing a stone at a window has committed vandalism and himself a vandal - but if that window was the stained glass of a church then he has committed blasphemy and himself a blasphemer. <br> <br>And so too, violence against women is no mere violence but blasphemy, impiety, desecration - a violation of a kind particular and unique. Violence against men is mere violence, petty vandalism in comparison. Yet who, if not the white knight, the pussy begger, and women themselves who have made a sin of violence against women? A sin sufficient to bring down the wrath of heaven; the state, apotheosized woman's archangel of death. <br> <br>But women make for monstrous gods - and so too their morality, the morality of the herd stands testament! The divinity of woman is akin to that of the gods worshiped by the Incas; gods requiring perpetual human sacrifice for their survival, male human sacrifice. <br> <br>Karoshi! - the Japanese have a word for this male sacrifice. To drop dead from overwork, at work, Karoshi, is but an immediate and sudden picture of the slow death men endure as beasts of burden on behalf of women. And make no mistake about it, this is human sacrifice! When man trades time, his vital life energy, in exchange for money that he then spends on women - he has trasmutated vital energy into blood sacrifice. <br> <br>Oh but it is just money. Just money?! It is life energy! If the sublimation of life energy was a reversible process, wealth and immortality would synonymized! This vampiric transference is only one of woman's divine abilities. The apotheosized woman, contrary to the life giving motif thrown onto the feminine in antiquity, is a God of death and decay. <br> <br>No later than the first day that birth control came into being did women demand it for themselves. We are finally free - free of the curse of bearing life! They celebrated their own sterility as if they had overcome some disease or rot within themselves - free, yes they were now free; free to debauch themselves in spasmodic orgiastic decadence known only to animals. <br> <br>This freedom of theirs was not a human freedom, it was a bestial freedom - no woman became better from birth control; no woman became more human, more worthy of the human condition. Birth control cannot benefit the mind, it can only nullify a consequence of the depraved. They claim birth control has freed them from their biology? Ha! Freed from what is life giving; bound to bestial passions previously held in check by the life giving bond. <br> <br>Women have traded a lesser evil for a greater evil - nay - that they considered the first an evil to begin with speaks to the nature of the beast of the latter. And the beast in woman, a gluttonous lustful kind, becomes pestilent in its freedom, spreading disease with impunity, a receptacle of every which bodily fluid through every orifice, base, disconnected from any higher ideal. <br> <br>Chasity? Modesty? Temperance? Fah! <br> <br>All values and scales of a superseded morality; of a superseded God. Abortion; murder rebranded. But how regressive of me! - perhaps a little oppressive as well? <br> <br>It seems well the case that a modern interpretation of life is predominantly contingent on geography. Each geographical region in which abortion is legal sets a ceiling as to the number of weeks during which such a procedure can take place. As these numbers tend to differ, it must follow that those places subscribing to 12 weeks necessarily conclude murder has occurred in those places subscribing to 20 weeks. Yet it is not life in general were are concerned with but the arbitration of what is and is not human. It is ultimately woman who decides. <br> <br>A woman having exceeded the 12 weeks of pregnancy allotted in her location, choosing to travel to a jurisdiction of 20 weeks is herself the scale on which humanity is determined - oh! how easily does murder become mere expungence of cells! Where is her moral compass? It is nowhere, it is everywhere; her will is the compass! <br> <br>And so here, abortion, fetus, procedure, planned parenting - all euphemisms, sterilizing, sanitizing, rebranding, and rationalizing murder. But woman's will says otherwise; woman's will says it is a fetus, not a human - and in a puff of preference, no murder occurred. <br> <br>In no uncertain terms, the most dangerous place for a human being to be is in a woman's womb. To survive the womb tomb is itself a fortuitous happenstance. This single geographical contingency has spelled the demise of tens of millions to date with no sign of decline and every sign of escalation. <br> <br>Yet who is concerned with the silent screams of a child, violently and maliciously ripped from the only place on earth it had a chance to become more, flailing ineptly at the air, it's last seconds of life, before it is chopped up for parts and sold off to cosmetic companies. How many women we must ask ourselves, are currently wearing the very beauty product composed of their own aborted child - wearing the dead flesh of their victim like a psychotic serial killer. <br> <br>And yet here too this is not enough! Woman is not satisfied with a upper ceiling -no!- abortion, she surmises, ought be legal all the way leading up to and including birth. Yet you protest - that will never be, that is monstrous! Ah. I say it only appears so because you are not used to the thought. <br> <br>Pregnancy is but 40 weeks, at a legal ceiling of 20 weeks we are half way there; what chance do 20 more weeks stand against the will of woman? And even upon the birth of a child still, murder is not the case but infanticide. Yet another euphemism; murder is pushed back even further! <br> <br>If one were to take all this into account and posit a formulation of when human life begins, it would seem that it begins when a person can physically fight off their would-be murderer. And a thought to those who did survive their own birth and infancy, what do you make when you look upon your own mother and think to yourself; how close was I to the reaper? Was he my conjoined twin for a time? How long was my murder contemplated - for it cannot be said that such thoughts never entered your mothers mind. <br> <br>No. She did contemplate it; in secret she contemplated it. <br> <br>How many babies, still endangered by their entrapment in the womb, if they came to know of their impending doom would choose to gnaw through their own umbilical cords, to claw at the walls, to make her bleed, in hope to taking that bitch out along with him. <br> <br>No! Women are not the bearers of life, they are the obstacle to life; their will at every turn commands death, decay, and pestilence! Women, graced with the gift of bearing life have en-masse rejected it - have they ever deserved it in the first place? <br> <br>And when woman is not mutilating her innards, self-sterilizing, or fickly arbitrating humanity, she is mutilating her outer self. From plastic surgery, to makeup, implants, and wigs; what part of woman does woman actually want to keep? There is indeed nothing she does not hate - of her own will, woman desires woman to cease to exist. But then what is left but a walking cadaver, sterile, pestilent, doused in the dead flesh of her victims. <br> <br>This is your God? This is what you have apotheosized into a God. This is what you based your morality on!? <br> <br>The pick-up artist, the nice guy, the thug, the bad boy, the artist, the sensitive man, the metrosexual, the good man, the gentleman; all acolytes - masks dawned for a macabre masquerade! All enslaved identities, all reflective of an interpretation of how best to win favor of the apotheosized woman - yet, in common, they all bend a knee to the will of woman - to her moral weighings. <br> <br>This is the masquerade that follows the fickle morality of the apotheosized woman - men inventing identities ultimately centered on a singular core goal of female validation. How many men have been swallowed by the masquerade? How much energy, time, money, and goodwill has been thrown into this black hole? <br> <br>To know a man's strategy of winning validation, is to know the man himself - his other qualities mere decorations. When a man stands in front of a mirror asking himself, then answers in the negative - would I still be who I am, act how I act, value what I value, buy what I buy, speak how I speak, if women ceased to exist or had never been in the first place - when the man answers no I would not, he is firmly in the masquerade. <br> <br>And here we come full circle. In his need for validation, the pussybegger apotheosized woman, gave her the power of good and evil, and now is thrown into a masquerade grounded on this fickle female morality which in turn is grounded on women's fickle and inherently irrational nature. When Nietzsche declared the death of God, he was very well aware that morality too would become unhinged - but the atheist found a solution. <br> <br>As Voltaire said: If God did not exist, it would be necessary to invent him.

These South African Hoes Ain't Loyal Either
These South African Hoes Ain't Loyal Either csehszlovakze 68 Views • 11 months ago


VICE Attempts to Smear the Freedom Movement and Freedom Cells (mirror)
VICE Attempts to Smear the Freedom Movement and Freedom Cells (mirror) csehszlovakze 50 Views • 2 years ago

I ain't no audio engineer, but I denoised and normalized the audio as much as I could. <br> <br>source: ⁣ \ ⁣ <br> <br>Freedom Cells: ⁣

Romanian TVee is Baffled by Feminist Exposing Female Nature with 1984 Retelling
Romanian TVee is Baffled by Feminist Exposing Female Nature with 1984 Retelling csehszlovakze 74 Views • 2 years ago

⁣Article link: ⁣ \ ⁣

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OG title: ⁣Feminist Retelling of Orwell 1984 is gonna be lit

[Colttaine] Paul Elam is Wrong on Briffault's Law (mirror)
[Colttaine] Paul Elam is Wrong on Briffault's Law (mirror) csehszlovakze 103 Views • 2 years ago

⁣He just opened his channel here, give him a sub! ⁣


Well, you asked for it I guess...

An Ear For Men - Briffault: Rules for the Rational Simp

--------[ CHAPTERS ]--------

00:00 Overview
01:10 The Is-Ought Gap
05:29 Sexual Selection Pressure
10:09 Male Mate Selection
12:26 Generalised Observations
16:00 Simpery
20:29 There Will Be No Encore

--------[ SOURCES ]--------

The Chive - Study reveals surprising statistics behind Tinder hookups (from 2014) \

Better Bachelor - New Tinder user swipe data shows women only want.... the top 1% of men.

Tech Policy - How Tinder “Feedback Loop” Forces Men and Women into Extreme Strategies \

The Daily Beast - Number of Americans Not Having Sex Reaches All-Time High \

Genome Research - A recent bottleneck of Y chromosome diversity

Pacific Standard - 8,000 Years Ago, 17 Women Reproduced For Every One Man \

The Guardian - More women than men have added their DNA to the human gene pool \

Time Magazine - Why Women Are More Likely to Ask for a Divorce \

Sup China - More than 70 percent of divorces in China are initiated by women \

University of Melbourne - Why divorce doesn’t work for Indonesian women \

IZA - Hypergamy, Cross-boundary Marriages, and Family Behavior

Business Insider - Study: Rich Men Give Women More Orgasms \

New York Post - Broke men are hurting American women’s marriage prospects \

The Cut - Turns Out That the Husband’s Job Is Probably the Best Predictor of Divorce \

Live Science - Unemployment Can Spell Divorce for Men, But Not Women \

Research Gate - Different impacts of resources on opposite sex ratings of physical attractiveness by males and females \

Science Direct - Gender-role ideology and height preference in mate selection \

Science Direct - Humour ability reveals intelligence, predicts mating success, and is higher in males \

Stickman Bangkok - The Rosetta Stone of Women's Behaviour \

A Voice For Men - Masthead \

How Green Finance is Monopolizing the Planet | The Corbett Report with Whitney Webb (mirror)
How Green Finance is Monopolizing the Planet | The Corbett Report with Whitney Webb (mirror) csehszlovakze 66 Views • 2 years ago


Whitney Webb returns to the program to discuss her recent work on the "green" transformation of the global financial system. From NACs to GFANZ, Webb and Corbett break down the latest attempt to monopolize the world's natural resources and how this financial scam represents the next step along the path to the Great Reset, Agenda 2030 and the 4th Industrial Revolution.

How is the New (COVID) World Order being controlled single-handedly? (Mirror ENG sub)
How is the New (COVID) World Order being controlled single-handedly? (Mirror ENG sub) csehszlovakze 31 Views • 2 years ago

⁣László Toroczkai, the leader of the Hungarian party Our Homeland Movement unveils the conspiracy behind the WEF.

History of Gender Relations by Alexander MGTOW (mirror)
History of Gender Relations by Alexander MGTOW (mirror) csehszlovakze 49 Views • 3 years ago

The original video is 1080p so if you can't read the articles go to , that's where I downloaded it from.

The Nature and Reality of the Global Conspiracy. James Perloff & Keith Knight (mirror)
The Nature and Reality of the Global Conspiracy. James Perloff & Keith Knight (mirror) csehszlovakze 27 Views • 3 years ago

Mirrored with explicit permission. There are quite a few interesting clips after 38:25 about globohomo collusion so make sure you watch till the end!

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[HHH] Analyzing the SPARS Pandemic 2025-2028 Document (mirror)
[HHH] Analyzing the SPARS Pandemic 2025-2028 Document (mirror) csehszlovakze 133 Views • 3 years ago

Video mirrored with Hermit's permission. The original description below:



Baptism - Eliterian Legion (Guitar Pro 5)
Baptism - Eliterian Legion (Guitar Pro 5) csehszlovakze 4 Views • 3 years ago

Guitar, Bass and Drums. Tuning: half step down.
* link to tab: ⁣
* original song: ⁣

[UC] Response - My Son Is Crying Because Mommy Left For CHAD! (mirror)
[UC] Response - My Son Is Crying Because Mommy Left For CHAD! (mirror) csehszlovakze 28 Views • 3 years ago

you can support Undead Chronic at

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"Hello, Dictator" - Orbán, the EU and the Rule of Law (mirror)
"Hello, Dictator" - Orbán, the EU and the Rule of Law (mirror) csehszlovakze 14 Views • 3 years ago

Taken from susantube &amp; burned in English and Hungarian subtitles. The audio is in German. Mirrored for posterity.


It is a struggle about power and billions. Since the summer of 2020, the majority of EU states have been fighting to make the granting of EU funds conditional. Only those who abide by the rule of the rule of law should receive funds in the future. Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán is vehemently opposed. For good reasons? The European community of values is struggling over its position. For months. With his blackmailing veto, Orbán plunges the EU into a deep crisis, in which Chancellor Merkel finally mediates. Is it appeasement with the autocrat? A search for clues throughout Europe.

Beyond the Great Reset (mirror)
Beyond the Great Reset (mirror) csehszlovakze 32 Views • 3 years ago

⁣by Top Dollar Black Pill Gangster:

Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development: (mirror just in case)

Kirk's quote is from page 19.

The Joe Biden Presidency: Bad News Men, we are Farked, in at least 3 ways. (mirror)
The Joe Biden Presidency: Bad News Men, we are Farked, in at least 3 ways. (mirror) csehszlovakze 82 Views • 3 years ago

⁣Originally created by James Von Maxwell ⁣ OR ⁣

Bad times for men...
Really bad times for men...⁣
Sandpaper up the pooper.

Plastic Traditionalism by Alexander MGTOW (mirror)
Plastic Traditionalism by Alexander MGTOW (mirror) csehszlovakze 113 Views • 3 years ago

Fixed some of the audio.

[RGE] World Economy Destroyed: Women Most Affected! (mirror)
[RGE] World Economy Destroyed: Women Most Affected! (mirror) csehszlovakze 83 Views • 3 years ago

⁣⁣Looks like the biggest casualty of the government lockdowns is.... gender equality? == ⁣

Intro/Outro by Walker Trips:

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Background from Black Clover

"Trash Men" Put TradThot in her Place (Mirror Compilation)
"Trash Men" Put TradThot in her Place (Mirror Compilation) csehszlovakze 282 Views • 4 years ago

⁣A cautionary tale for other women, you can't have it all. Different members of the manosphere break down why, by analyzing the angry rant of Tomi Lahren, who fell into the same trap every career woman near the wall does.

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0:00:00 Undead Chronic

0:51:52 James Von Maxwell
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1:04:50 Jaye De Black

1:18:31 Sunrise Hoodie

1:30:30 Stardusk (Thinking Ape)


1:39:54 Red Pill Germany
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